Other Games

Hexer Hexar is a fast paced hexagon base puzzle game. Rotate the hexagons in the grid to match up hexagons...
0 0   427   Action
Vehicles 2 Bad vehicles are causing havoc on the streets. Use your vehicles to ram them off the screen and rest...
0 0   540   Driving
Subway Train Your goal is to turn all gray icons into color ones. Clicking on aicon will toggle iself and adjacen...
14 6   502   Action
Pumpkin Jump The pumpkin and the slab has a tussle. You will be controlling the pumpkin. Make it land on the slab...
0 0   478   Action
Blockski Easy and fun classic falling blocks game.
0 0   361   Other
Happy Smile Avoid circles and collect stars. Are you good enough to pass all 20 levels?
0 0   530   Other
Heavy Load Truck Parking Did you ever dream about driving a big truck? You can try it now. Imagine you driving that big truck...
0 0   818   Driving
Bullet OverFlow Bullet Overflow is a first person shooter game, can you beat the highscore and become the ACE of kil...
92 3   627   Shooting
Jungle Treasures 2 : Tombs of Ghosts You are a treasures hunter, your goal is to try to collect all of the treasures in each level. Treas...
0 0   537   Action
Astro Tri Match Match Space Tiles for Special Bonuses!
0 0   790   Other
Bubble Charge Peter need help.He hates bubbles.Pop all of the bubbles.But it looks a bit hard :)
0 0   411   Adventure
Museum of Science Fiction After visiting the Museum of Science Fiction you find yourself 50 floors underground in a secret lab...
0 0   443   Action
Monster Box Monster Box is a game from the game category of Point and Click. Your memory will be useful in this...
0 0   436   Board Games
Arm of Revenge Calling all the fighters on the earth... Do you like Street Fighter, KOF, Devil May Cry, or Shank? N...
54 100   706   PREMIUM
City Jumper collect coin and send in ATM
0 0   381   Action
City Siege 2: Resort Siege Those baddies are back, but this time they are taking over the beach! This is no time to relax - ge...
0 0   736   PREMIUM
Santa Rider Santa Rider is a motorbike simulation game based on a real physical model.
0 0   535   Driving
Zombie Smasher Cars vs Zombies! The time of revenge has come. All the zombies will be Eliminated!
0 0   473   Driving
Anti UFO In this game UFO's will appear and kidnap the citizens. If a UFO catches a citizen and leaves the sc...
0 0   469   Other
Gravqx Gravqx is a challenging skill game where players have to guide a ship around a set of tunnels with t...
0 0   376   Adventure
Jurassic Baby Care Dream about having a dinosaurs pet ? You dream comes true, your job is to take care of all the litt...
0 0   440   Action
Astrae Bellum Battle Ancient Gods in the Æther and rebuild Olympus! A celestial, relaxing strategy game.
0 0   409   Strategy
Nightmare Runner Escape an endless nightmare haunted by monstrous creatures.
115 2   1121   PREMIUM
Food Chain Know your place in the food chain. Eat what can't eat you.
0 0   448   Action